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Shakti 1:1 Sessions

Intuitive Coaching, Healing & Mentoring Sessions

 It’s Time… to reclaim your body, your desires, your dreams, and your most divinely satisfying life!

Imagine living your life without having to dial down, numb out or hide any part of you. Along with having the freedom that comes from expressing yourself authentically with more trust and less fear and doubt. With exclusive support from Chrissy as your Guide, Facilitator, Coach & Confidante, create deep and lasting energetic shifts to awaken your Shakti and a space of Freedom + Flow + Fulfillment.

Gain clarity about what is real and viable, and let go of what isn’t aligned at your feminine core with over six hours of personally focused transformative coaching (more along the lines of a supported self-care rather than bootcamp).

Explore your inner world — going beyond the mental domain to the healing at the energetic root — through a carefully crafted fusion of deep reflective conversation, energy medicine, sacred feminine teachings and holistic bodywork. Each session is customized to your personal needs as well as your emerging feminine consciousness.

The Touchstones of the Shakti Sessions:

*Care For Your Sacred Self* Clear stagnant emotional energy. Prioritize your needs. Deepen your womb wisdom.  Cultivate your intuition. Amplify your inner voice. Softening and trusting your feminine energy.

*Reclaim Your Power & Truth* Unleash Your Creativity. Release old patterns. Dissolve limiting beliefs, old stories. Remember your sovereignty. Surrender your heart open. Bond with your Inner Mother. Belonging to yourself. Moving beyond comfort zone.

*Align and Empower* Tapping in and replenishing your inner reservoir. Build resilience, courage and compassion. Discernment & Boundaries. Divine Feminine & Masculine balance.

*Insight & Clarity* Embrace Your Shadow Self, Unmask the hidden, the wounded, often estranged parts of ourselves and integrate and honor them.

*Awaken Shakti Energy* Sexuality, Sensual essence, passion, pleasure, desire, intimacy. Your body as a Temple. Inner and outer resources.

*Feminine Embodiment* Amplify pleasure, magnetism, abundance, compassion and wholeness by anchoring and expanding the Goddess Archetypes as sustainable resources for your life. 

No more holding back or playing small!

Receive personalized support as you step up your confidence, activating your truth to express your authentic voice. 

The benefits of the Shakti Sessions are significant and far-reaching:

Embrace your fluid, feeling, feminine side as a resource, not a burden.

Relate to your emotions with a new level of sensitivity & empowerment

 Inhabit the temple of your body & all her dimensions more fully — your essential self takes up more space inside you — and you become more deeply actualized.

Get clear on your truth so decisions flow more easily.

Get fierce on your boundaries & are able to hold them with power & compassion.

Awaken the natural currents of pleasure that are alive inside you at all times.

Attune your body as the magnet it naturally is to call in your desires.

Enjoy more spontaneity and playful expression of your authentic self.


Be The Amazing Radiant Woman That You Are.

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This is your invitation to receive personal guidance and support to awaken, transform and flow abundance through the Sacred Power of Shakti.