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From Our Gallery

Restorative Relaxation: R*R

Restore Your Body and Mind and Invite Harmony Between All Systems ~

Release tension, regulate your nervous system and de-stress with this specialized interactive session.  Enjoy relaxed and supportive positions initiating a passive release for the body, to create greater ease, alignment and mobility. Many have experienced relief after just one session and even bring a new perspective to their everyday lives. 

Unwind To Melt Stress and Tension ~ 

Relax deeply in 3 – 6 supportive and effortless poses where your body is positioned safely and comfortably using props, such as bolsters and rolled blankets or a therapeutic yoga ball. Hands on techniques of manual therapy may also be employed to support a gradual release. Conscious awareness is encouraged with some guided breathwork and careful adjustments – all very gentle but deeply informed actions.

Feel the quality and experience customized care in an atmosphere of healing bliss ~

Restorative Relaxation is effective for those who are recovering from injury, individuals who are experiencing stress related ailments, or those with specific goals like addressing postural alignment or increasing mobility.

 Special Introductory Rate: 55 minutes | $65 + GST