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Mat-based Bodywork

Restoring balance and harmony with Massage, Yoga and Ayurveda.

About me –  I am a former fitness leader and professional dancer for over twenty years, as well as Certified Yoga Instructor and Thai Massage Practitioner with over 2200 hours of practical work. I’m a huge advocate of mat-based bodywork and yoga devotee. I have experienced first-hand how dealing with body pain affects your overall outlook and quality of life.

In my personal and professional experiences I have found Bodywork, therapeutic touch and yoga principles to be extremely effective in helping with pain management and energy renewal.

Throughout my active life I’ve worked and pushed my body to its limits, and then some. After experiencing a car accident in the midst of my dance career I faced many challenges including chronic neck and back pain and Sciatica. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2006 along with the news that there was no treatment for it!

From there I tried countless treatments and the most effective in my recovery was Thai Yoga Massage. Finally, I experienced some lasting relief from my symptoms! There was a noticeable improvement in my energy and mobility but the most significant change – was within my self, I felt deeply tuned in to my body and I felt a calmness and ease that I hadn’t felt in years. Thai Yoga Massage helped me get my life back!

I bring my experience of my healing journey along with my training and skills to help you feel relief and get the results you desire. I hold the space for your healing with compassion and tenderness.