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Spark Your Divine Feminine Energy

Dansana / Spark Your Divine Feminine Energy

~ Spark Your Divine Feminine Energy ~

Friday February 28, 2020

7:30 – 9:30 pm

Private Studio Crescent Beach


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Feeling edgy or uncertain about what you really want? Are you ready to start a new phase in your life?

It’s time to intimately know your power as a woman and experience more of your potency & full-body-wisdom ~

Discover, reclaim and nurture your divine feminine energy with Dansana – a multi-layered practice that brings transformation, healing, resolution and expansion ~

Learn and embody the Sacred Keys for your RISING.

Working with the Sacred Feminine to awaken, heal and transform, Dansana takes you through a dynamic process of unfolding, a journey of greater and greater insight and revelation… to a place of knowing of your brilliance by reclaiming all that you are.

Let your feminine essence be your wisest guide.

Let go of the restrictive cycles & patterns that hold you back & keep you small.

Acknowledge and cherish the aspects of your own femininity that makes you uniquely perfect.

In a supportive collective of genuine women inside Sacred space where we are intuitively guided by the Divine Feminine, with the following luscious embodiment practices:

Intention Setting, Meditation & Reflection – essential groundwork for transformation

Breathwork to release the stuck, stagnant energy

Sacred Ceremony – honoring and celebrating the Sacred Feminine

Explore and uncover your own Goddess archetype and integrate her invigorating energy

Structured movement sequences, guided and free-style dance & creative exploration and release

Culminating with Deep Rest & Relaxation – to regulate the nervous system, seal in all the goodness

Women circle – sharing an authentic connection

Featuring inspiring music and sacred sounds

Friday February 28 7:30 – 9:30 pm

Register with Email Transfer $30 divineduchess18 @gmail.com

Next Event: March 27

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