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Free Your Feminine Energy

Activate your genius creativity and ignite your divine spark.

Dansana blends deep messaging & soulful dance with your creative expression as a sacred pathway to personal power and transformation.

Dansana invites you into a sacred container that connects you intimately with your feminine power, settling you into deeper residency with more of Your Self.

Align your inner world and your sacred temple body cultivating your feminine energy, charisma, light and personal presence.

Become more GROUNDED and TUNED INTO YOUR BODY by tending to your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Uncover the deep wisdom of your truest self in a loving and sacred space by safely navigating all parts of yourself, the subtle and the tangible, integrating the darkness with the light.

Gain a clear, insightful understanding of yourself so you can intentionally SHOW UP in your life with more authenticity and integrity.

Connect and engage with an inviting group of soulful genuine women with confidence and ease.

Tap into your truest essence and change the way you experience your body by releasing stress and stagnant energy through transformative movement and deep clearing breathwork.

Learn the Sacred Keys that unlock your Feminine Gifts and Desires, so you can embody your unique brand of Creativity & Purpose

From fluid to fiery, ancient to modern, tribal to ethereal, your Dansana journey will set your soul free!

Chrissy Duke is a Certified Yoga Teacher, holistic practitioner and entrepreneur,  seasoned dancer, teacher and choreographer. Working as a professional dancer within the competitive industry for over two decades, she often confronted the unrealistic standards that dancers are measured up against.

Chrissy envisioned a more inclusive and holistic approach to dance. Following her mission of dancing without the pressures of perfection or performance, she created Dansana —  a method to unify back with our bodies through a powerful fusion of stylized and free-style dance, somatic awareness and yogic principles — with feminine consciousness at its core.

In her dedication to supporting all women and girls to ignite their divine spark by cultivating their own unique voice and vibe through movement & dance, Chrissy elevates this new paradigm of feminine embodiment and leadership through Dansana Retreats, Workshops and Showcases throughout Canada and the USA.

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Retreats, Workshops, Transformative Events, Festivals, Women’s Circles, Conferences and Private Events.